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About CC

 Ingredient Conscious Consumer

Are you an ingredient-conscious consumer and find yourself confused when trying to decipher product ingredient lists? We were confused too and that's why we started, Clear Consumption, our own brand of natural foaming hand soap that make it clear for ingredient-conscious consumers to know what they're buying.

Unlike most hand soap products that are made from a long list of synthetic chemicals and their confusing names, our foaming hand soap is made from all-natural, confusion-free ingredients. No harsh chemicals and No confusion about the ingredients we use to make our foaming hand soap.

At our core, Clear Consumption is about giving ingredient-conscious consumers the confidence and peace of mind from knowing what they're buying, by producing products from ingredients that are familiar, natural and confusion-free!

Everything you see, feel and smell in our foaming hand soap is 100% natural and biodegradable! :)