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The Difference Between Foaming Soap Dispensers & Standard Soap Dispensers

Foaming Soap Dispensers

Foaming soap dispensers are specifically designed to pump air into foaming soap. Foaming soap has a very watery consistency that allows air to easily be pumped into it in order to produce soap foam.

There are no special ingredients that go into making foaming soap foam. Producing soap foam is simply a matter of pumping air into watery liquid soap.   

Whether it’s a personal, commercial, manual or automatic foaming soap dispenser, they are all designed to provide the same basic function of pumping air into watery liquid soap to produce soap foam.

Below are links to Personal & Commercial (Manual & Automatic) Foaming Soap Dispensers sold on Amazon.com

Personal Foaming Soap Dispensers

Commercial Foaming Soap Dispensers


Standard Soap Dispensers

Standard soap dispensers do not pump air into the soap they dispense which has a much thicker consistency than foaming hand soap.

If foaming soap is mistakenly pumped through a standard soap dispenser it will squirt out without any soap foam being produced. It is for this reason that foaming soap require foaming soap dispensers.