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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions we've received.

Foaming Hand Soap Questions:

Surface Cleaner Questions:

Room Spray Questions:

Foaming Hand Soap Answers:

Are there any ingredients that are added to your soap to produce its soap foam?
No, foaming soap dispensers simply mix air into our natural liquid soap to produce soap foam.

Is your soap added to water in foaming pumps or does one pour it directly into pump without having to add water?
Our hand soap does not require water to be added to it. All you need is a foaming soap dispenser and you're good to go!

Is your soap Antibacterial?
No. Our hand soap does not contain any Antibacterial ingredients.

Can your soap refill be used inside a commercial foam dispenser?
Absolutely! Our foaming hand soap can be used in commercial foam dispensers if they allow you to pour soap directly into the dispenser. Some branded commercial foaming soap dispensers require a customized sealed soap cartridge to be used as a refill. In this case, our soap cannot be used as you will not be able to pour it directly into your foaming soap dispenser.

Does this soap have to be used with a foaming soap dispenser? Or can a traditional soap dispenser be used?
Because of the consistency of our liquid soap, it is not viscous enough to be used in a standard soap dispenser and specifically requires a foaming soap dispenser.

Does your soap contain Gluten?
No. Our hand soap is not made from any ingredients containing Gluten.

Surface Cleaner Answers:

Can your surface cleaner be used in any spray bottle?
Yes, as long as it is not a fine-mist spray bottle. A fine-mist spray bottle will not spray out enough surface cleaner to be effective at cleaning. Fine-mist spray bottles are usually used for air fresheners and perfumes.

Does your surface cleaner clean glass?
Our surface cleaner is not ideal for glass, while it can remove dirt and oil from a glass surface it is not ideal to produce a streak-free finish.

Room Spray Answers:

Do your room spray scents linger as long as synthetic scents?
No. The scent of our natural room sprays will not linger as long as the scent from a synthetic room spray. Due to the natural properties of essential oils, their scents dissipate quickly compared to synthetic scents.

Why do your room sprays have to be shaken before spraying?
Our sprays are non-aerosol. The pump simply mixes air into our ingredients to product a mist. Ingredients will separate while bottle is not in use so it must be shaken before spraying room.

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